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July 19th, 2022 - Tuesday

The program is The Mike Levine Trio featuring vocalist Wendy Petersen and special guest Gene Nichols.

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All hailing from S FL. The Mike Levine Trio, along with vocalist Wendy Pedersen, has been performing throughout Maine for the last 14 years. The group covers a lot of musical ground reaching into The Great American Songbook, Blues, Pop, Latin and a few originals all with a Jazz treatment. With Mike on Piano, Bassist Nicky Orta, and Drummer Steve Salo, the music keeps audiences engaged and grooving. Not to mention, Wendy is a world class vocalist, who moves you into the lyrics of each song.  A local favorite, Gene Nichols, is a special guest for the concert.

Pianist - Mike Levine
Bassist - Nicky Orta
Drummer - Steve Salo
Vocalist - Wendy Petersen
Brass & other instruments - Gene Nichols

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